Recommendations for the selection of LED floodlight housings

Because LED lighting has a small light source, low heat generation and low-voltage power supply, LEDs are used as light sources for lamps, and are more and more recognized by users. Therefore, the increasing number of traditional lamp companies have turned to LED lamps. Some LED lamps occupy more finished products, and some are generally LED lamp shells. How to choose a suitable lamp shell plays a very important role in the sales of LED lamps. To this end, I have summarized a few suggestions, which I hope can help us.

First of all, the shape of the LED lamp shell should be beautiful, which is a direct impression to customers. With a beautiful shell, it can attract the attention of customers and increase the acquisition of new customers.

Secondly, the workmanship requirements of the LED lamp housing are safe and reasonable. Some housings are beautiful from a distance, but if you look closely, you will find that some edges are not chamfered and are very sharp. The lamp housing does not have an excellent maintenance barrier in the place of the equipment power supply. As the society pays more and more attention to personal safety, do not choose such a housing with safety defects to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

LED flood light housing

In addition, it is to see if the light-emitting part of the LED lamp shell is reasonable. For example, some LED lamps only reflect light through the surface of the aluminum material. Such lamps have high light loss when they are made into finished products; some lamps do not have rated control. The light method, the direct lamp bead comes out to be 120 degrees of light, this kind of light loss is small, like the above two cases, the latter design is made into a 1W lamp, which can be equivalent to the previous design made into a 3W lamp The brightness of the lights is up.

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