How to choose LED lamp housing?

Due to the small light source, low heat generation and low-voltage power supply of LED lighting, LEDs are used as light sources for lamps and are more and more recognized by users. Therefore, more and more traditional lamp companies are turning to LED lamps. . And LED lamps occupy more products are usually LED lamp housings, how to choose a suitable LED lamp from the housing, plays a very important role in the sales of LED lamps. Therefore, we share some common sense of LED lamp housing, so that you can have a better understanding of LED lamp housing when purchasing.

First of all, the shape of the LED lamp shell should be generous and beautiful, which is the first impression to customers. With a beautiful shell, it can attract the attention of customers and increase the purchase of new customers.

Secondly, the workmanship of the LED lamp shell must be safe and reasonable. Some lamp shells look good from a distance, but if you look closely, you will find that some edges are not chamfered and are very sharp, and people will be scratched if they accidentally exert too much force. .

Or some lamp housings do not have good protection and isolation in the place where the power supply is installed. With the increasing emphasis on personal safety in today's society, do not use such LED lamp housings with safety shortcomings to avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

LED lamp housing

In addition, it depends on whether the light-emitting part of the LED lamp housing is reasonable. For example, some LED lamps only reflect light through the surface of the aluminum material, and the light loss of such lamps is relatively high; some lamps do not have additional light control methods. When the lamp beads come out directly, it will emit light at 120 degrees. This kind of light loss is small. Like the above two situations, if the rear layout is made into a 1W lamp, it can be equivalent to the brightness of the 3W lamp in the previous layout. .

There are also some, such as heat dissipation, the location of the outlet, and the connection between accessories, etc. As a sophisticated company, developing a new product requires very thoughtful thinking.

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